Comprehensive Services

Bluestem PACE provides participants with a large spectrum of services, from primary care physicians to prescription drug services, all from one source. This reduces the burden on participants and families of coordinating schedules, while also providing services that address the psychosocial and functional needs of all participants. Together, the comprehensive services work to prevent gaps in care and result in better healthcare outcomes for participants.

Take a tour of our Day Center

While at the Center, participants can:

  • Engage in social activities and recreation
  • Bathe and receive assistance with personal hygiene
  • Visit with the physician or nursing staff or any other member of the Team
  • Receive any necessary treatment or therapy
  • Enjoy lunch

Services may include:

  • Primary medical care 
  • Medical specialist
  • Home care
  • Physical, occupational, speech therapy
  • Social Services
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Personal care
  • Medications
  • Medical testing
  • Vision, hearing and dental services
  • Memory care
  • Wheelchair accessible transportation 

Lock-In Provision

Once you are a participant, all of your health care services must be given through Bluestem PACE. Services must be approved by the IDT and delivered by a Bluestem PACE contracted provider. If you receive services from someone other than a Bluestem PACE contracted provider you may have to pay for them. If you receive services NOT authorized by the Bluestem PACE IDT you may have to pay for them. Download the list of Bluestem PACE contracted providers.

Emergency services are not included in this “lock-in” provision. 

Page last updated 7/1/2020